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IPTV or internet protocol TV is advanced technology of the modern time which relates to most innovative use of high-speed internet in the field of entertainment. Internet protocol TV has been put to use in residential as well as commercial applications. People look it as the best way of customized entertainment in their home. Its commercial use in the schools, airports, stadiums and offices has become prevalent for entertainment as well as advertising. Hospitality services, like hotels have been using internet TV for providing entertainment to their guests in their room. Internet TV has proved to be successful in every application due to its several benefits.

Customers’ perspective 

IPTV has been considered good from the customers’ as well as business point of view. From customer’s viewpoint, it is the customized experience of entertainment. Internet TV has enough competence to make customized channels where users can watch contents of their choice and they can make better selection for their viewing without being adhered to the broadcast scheduling norms of the service provider. This is obviously more entertaining and enhanced experience of viewing which they consider to be the worth of their money.

Business perspective

IPTV is considered good from business perspective of advertising. It is a good medium for businesses to place their advertisements and launch marketing campaigns. The advertisers can get useful information from the subscribers of internet TV to create a pattern of their advertisements to target their specific audience. This is easy when they know the customers’ choice from the subscribed channels. For instance, a subscriber of fashion channel can give useful information for business to advertise for a fashion products and accessories. This is a good way of generating revenues and preventing losses by the business enterprises.


Internet TV is a technology which is offering benefits not only to its users but to the businesses also and there will be a time when this technology will grow and will generate more revenues for entertainment industry.


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